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I don't fave too much...but when I do it's because the art is very lovely or because of some neat tutorials :D



Royal Companionship by pink4ever4u
Royal Companionship
I adored episode was just the best for me...So many awesome stuff happened and I adored how Cersei visited Margaery...mocking her in her own ways, and then ultimately receiving the same treatment in the end....
Oh've just unleashed something very powerful upon King's Landing...
Alexandru Lapusneanu-a sort of Romanian GoT by pink4ever4u
Alexandru Lapusneanu-a sort of Romanian GoT
In 1840, a Romanian author, Costache Negruzzi wrote a short historical novel about a medieval Romanian ruler named after the title who just lacked any kind of human redeeming qualities...
-he was actually a bastard child...but that meant nothing...unlike other countries in the past, Romanian provinces treated everyone the same...
-he wed a lovely, innocent, sweet maiden, that had her parents killed and basically her family were the rightful rulers...Lady Ruxandra
- he basically invited all his lords to a feast in order to "forgive them"....he went full on Game of Thrones and had killed all lords by chopping their heads off and then carefully making a pyramid with their heads...
-his wife tried stopping him from being such a cruel, sadistic jerk because she was frightened...He told her that he has a cure for fright....and  that cure was showing her the "pyramid"...Guess what a sweet, fragile thing such as herself did afterwards? Poor thing fainted...
-In the end our sweet lady poisoned him...THE END

Yup...I drew this only because of Game of Thrones....I mean look at this piece of literature and try convincing me this is not like Game a Thrones...this is the original baby XD jk jk 
Anyway this is actually compulsory to read back home....You have to read this before you get into high school...I like to call it a before Game of Thrones training :D I actually loved this in I see why....XD
Crying Herself To Sleep by pink4ever4u
Crying Herself To Sleep
I drew this like 2 weeks ago, though I only colored it a 2 days ago...

I expected Sansa to have a harsh time back home...this kind of looks like an episode 6 aftermath, though I drew this first thinking about how lonely she must feel at Winterfell...take it as you will...
...And the little bird bled
I admit I'm sensitive and do cry when I watch some shows or movies...the impact is just so powerful and I'm not one of those people that control their emotions...I also admit that I shed tears when Ned died...sobbed at the Red Wedding and now...episode 6's ending made me do that again...

I don't know what to say's not like I didn't prepare myself...but the moment they focused on Theon's expression at the end just got me...the whole scene was hard to digest...

*sigh* I really don't know what's in store for much that affected her...or what will happen next...I only know that it was the worst scene of its kind I've ever watched....worse than the Red they died quick....It's horrible to say but in that world death sounds sweeter than this...:<

Oh the only thing that I loved about their Wedding was Sansa's of the most beautiful dresses I've seen her wear...too bad it was for the worst occasion...not too mention it got ruined...
Fathers Of Westeros by pink4ever4u
Fathers Of Westeros
Ok so the last to episodes of GOT had some interesitng attempts at father bonding time...
Stannis and Shireen was just precious and it made me like Stannis a bit more...(I'd honestly love Stannis...if he hadn't killed Renly(indirectly so to speak);killing your brother is wrong no matter what, I myself find hard to forgive that and I'm surprised how people just forgave him; what? is it because Renly was gay? sheesh)

On the other hand, Roose and Ramsay "bonding" was just cringe worthy and horrible in every way...pffft Roose just reminded us how cruel he really is...that "You're my son" speech was just horrible and cold...Though, perfect because it fits him.

I like playing with shadows...though sometimes I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing...
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OK so I'm back posting doodles for now...uni classes are officially over(they have been for some time but I began drawing recently again lol) ummm I still have an exam around the corner( 3 weeks time, but no sweat...I'm doodling whenever I'm relaxing...:D
Umm I also have some news...I don't know if anyone watches Game of Thrones...(I've ignored the show on purpose for years not knowing that it's a medieval-esque fantasy with intrigue, politics  without the bullcrap storyline good vs evil...I though it was just some hyped fantasy show) but I was introduced a couple of months ago to it by some of my uni mates and I FRICKIN LOVE IT! You know back home I also didn't watch it because people said that it has too much sex scenes and I was disgusted thinking it only envolves THAT...because people sure love to nitpick on the most stupid stuff....It has sex scenes but they're not every five minute like I was expecting and I don't hate those scenes...besides do you really only focus on that? Seriously? How about the awesome storyline? I mean that's the ENTIRE SHOW!
So I watched all the seasons up until season 5...then I started season 5 and watched the premiere...but hearing about the leaked episodes and knowing about my lack of self control...I also watched those...Now I'm an idiot that has to wait for episode 5...and the fourth one ended on such a cliffhanger...ughhhh...

Why did I write this? I'm going to draw GoT that's why...Don't worry...I'm keeping it silly just like my usual stuff...with some darker touches here and there XD...Aww man violence in this show is nothing to me....I love how people complain how some graphic things get but this is a Medieval based world...My country was stuck in those ages more than the other ages...I bloody know what to expect and even more...


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Ello , Hi, Yasou ,Buna ,Salut ,Ciao ,Priviet ,Ola ,Halo, Bonjour...Now I only speak fluently English and Romanian but you're welcome here from whereever you are !


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