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I don't fave too much...but when I do it's because the art is very lovely or because of some neat tutorials :D



Men don't fear swords... by pink4ever4u
Men don't fear swords...
...they fear monsters...

Added a mature filter just in case...
This drawing wasn't actually planned...I started sketching a face...then I went deeper and made a very dark Romania(haven't drawn him in a while anyway)...then I gave him some Vlad III clothing and voila! But it's all because I've seen a movie recently...

A certain someone, a.k.a me watched Dracula Untold a few days ago...kind of late I know. Anyway it was an okay movie...could have been even way awesome, because it had potential....Really digging the soundtrack of it, hardcore! Anyway one of my pet peeves with the movie was the lack of...impaling... strange to say XD...I mean you have just a quick scene in the begging and that's that... I mean I know they were sticking with the Dracula mythos plus Vlad the Impaler, but they missed out on the "Impaler" part....oh well, still waiting for the day someone will make a movie, solely on Vlad the Impaler...
A Father Uncle Daughter Niece Moment by pink4ever4u
A Father Uncle Daughter Niece Moment
AAAAAWWWWWWW.......NOOOOOOOOOOO....That really escalated quickly...

Poor Jaime :(....and of course poor sweet and innocent Myrcella...happiness really lasts for a while in this universe...
This Snow Will Break Our Fall by pink4ever4u
This Snow Will Break Our Fall
Everyone who watched the season finale of Game of Thrones should know what I'm talking about...
We have no idea what happened after they's my funny 2 cents XP....
Of course it's Ramsay Bolton not Snow...but he's still a bastard...metaphorically yeah this ending works too...XD

On a more serious note, I really hope we don't see Sansa and Theon with their legs broken next season...that was quite a jump...

Last but not least, this last episode was kind of meh to me, considering I kind of expected a lot of stuff to happen, mostly due to book spoilers and just yeahhh overall this season, considering it was the first one I'd watch with waiting between a week...was good....not that bad not that great...I mean it has some awesome moments and some cringe moments....I'm LOOKING AT YOU DORNE...(Doran is the only character I enjoyed in that mess, and he got so little screen time)

Considering that the next season will be almost 100% fanfiction...I mean there are no books left for the could be interesting or plain stupid...The only thing I'll be looking forward to is not being spoiled by people that read the books...I mean that helps in creating suspense and for me the experience is better this way....
Around the World in 80 Days(with Willy Fog) by pink4ever4u
Around the World in 80 Days(with Willy Fog)
I find it really strange that up until now I'd never seen an adaptation of Jules Vernes' novel...I mean this is an 80s cartoon XD...that I loved though...I mean it was kinda like a series...following the whole journey around the earth...good times

Yeah if you're wondering why I drew this....well I was thinking about stuff that influenced me into moving to the a child this did its part XP....The show had some nice background art on London
Father Please... by pink4ever4u
Father Please...

Crying for the second time this season...but I can't believe this time it's way worse.... ;A;
...Stannis... I disliked him ever since he was behind Renly's death...J really tried liking him, then we had that bonding moment with Shireen this season....and now I absolutely despise this whole sacrifice will be in vain anyway....that would be hilarious.  Anywho, he lacks empathy as a potential ruler so that iron throne is not for him...Frankly, that throne is for nobody if you ask me...everybody sucks more or less...tbh

Hope Stannis and Mel get a taste of their own "cleansing"....

Well there goes the Baratheon lineage :<
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OK so I'm back posting doodles for now...uni classes are officially over(they have been for some time but I began drawing recently again lol) ummm I still have an exam around the corner( 3 weeks time, but no sweat...I'm doodling whenever I'm relaxing...:D
Umm I also have some news...I don't know if anyone watches Game of Thrones...(I've ignored the show on purpose for years not knowing that it's a medieval-esque fantasy with intrigue, politics  without the bullcrap storyline good vs evil...I though it was just some hyped fantasy show) but I was introduced a couple of months ago to it by some of my uni mates and I FRICKIN LOVE IT! You know back home I also didn't watch it because people said that it has too much sex scenes and I was disgusted thinking it only envolves THAT...because people sure love to nitpick on the most stupid stuff....It has sex scenes but they're not every five minute like I was expecting and I don't hate those scenes...besides do you really only focus on that? Seriously? How about the awesome storyline? I mean that's the ENTIRE SHOW!
So I watched all the seasons up until season 5...then I started season 5 and watched the premiere...but hearing about the leaked episodes and knowing about my lack of self control...I also watched those...Now I'm an idiot that has to wait for episode 5...and the fourth one ended on such a cliffhanger...ughhhh...

Why did I write this? I'm going to draw GoT that's why...Don't worry...I'm keeping it silly just like my usual stuff...with some darker touches here and there XD...Aww man violence in this show is nothing to me....I love how people complain how some graphic things get but this is a Medieval based world...My country was stuck in those ages more than the other ages...I bloody know what to expect and even more...


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Ello , Hi, Yasou ,Buna ,Salut ,Ciao ,Priviet ,Ola ,Halo, Bonjour...Now I only speak fluently English and Romanian but you're welcome here from whereever you are !


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